This week’s worries.


Thursday: try to edit the row about the open porthole scene. When will Occado come?The 9-10 slot passes. Go to yoga-I can’t empty my mind of ‘tomato puree, did I order any?’ and ‘too much passive voice’. Lunch – bus  – tutoring.

It dawns on me. 9-10pm.

Friday: Hooray, hooray -cleaning day! The world and his dog for a barbecue on Sunday. Usual dilemma- clean first, write later? I mop and manage a micro- edit.

Saturday:  Montezuma chocolates melting – bought for Steve’s Mum. The bus is late. I make buns and tinker with The Thirteenth Pharaoh.

Sunday: No worries on the writing part. I didn’t do any.

Monday: Greg Mosse has prompted me to think about the main part of my MA – serial monogamy or a bit on the side?

Tuesday: My editing – making things better or worse? At least some variant of each chapter’s now in version 3.  Son number three arrives – gives tutorial on website. So quick, so clever. Puts me on spot – do it in front of him. I chicken out.

Go to Chichester – borrow car, worry about reversing lanky estate into walls. Talk at Library. Which road? Arrive – no lights, no swishee swishee automatic door,  no sign of anyone.

Did I get the time right, the venue, the day? Go to box office – pairs and pairs of posh people in evening dress. No enlightenment. Steam out of ears, or tears from eyes threaten.

Today: Will I post this right? Will anyone read my stuff – ever?

Welcome to my Wonderful World of Worry.

4 thoughts on “This week’s worries.

  1. I am most concerned that you are barbequeing a dog. Is this legal?
    I doi hope the writing and editing is going well. I will prompt Stella to make some comments about your Pharoah book.
    Your most humble servant

    • Dear Ferdy – the dog came to the barbecue and returned unscathed, you will be pleased to know.
      Did the lovely Stella help you with your post ? It must be hard with a beak like yours.
      Thank you – it’s the first time I’ve had a comment by a dodo.

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