4 & ½ tips for Writers & Readers



A few practical ideas for my friends in the world of children’s books.

1. If someone brilliant offers advice, take them up on it. Even if they don’t write ‘your sort of thing’. Even if you worry you might be like Little Miss Needy. Cos you get this sort of thing:

Pls RT: I’ll be in chemo all day. Got a question about writing, publishing or my current situation? Ask me with the hashtag

. You’re amazingly prolific – any advice for a relative beginner writer on keeping going?

. Get a notepad and fill every page with stories, character names, plot ideas & more. Cram them in…

Use every corner, but don’t show anyone unless you want. You’ll emerge with so many tales you NEED to tell…


art by Nigel Parkinson

2. Act on it. I did what Tommy said during the Shetland Folk Festival and these are my results:

3. Follow it up. I am delighted to support Tommy’s Patreon

  • which means I get FREE STUFF
  • which says thank you practically
  • which means he will have to come through cos I will need his help

4. Find out more. Read the blog. Follow The #TommyVCancer Blogtour  organised by Viv Dacosta.

  • even if you’re not a writer, you’re a reader
  • you’ll find a book to buy for you and/or someone else
  • you’ll find brilliant blogs you never knew existed

½ Check back here on 16th June. OK so it’s not so much a tip as a brass-necked plug  – but you’d be most welcome to read my review.


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