Dedicated to teenage sons everywhere

Job Description

Domestic Dishwasher Operative (DDO)

The holder of this post will

  • empty the dishwasher within 15 minutes ( quarter of an hour) of being asked
  • put all dishes, plates, pots and pans away in their correct places
  • empty the cutlery basket, placing the cutlery in appropriate containers – not randomly in any open drawer
  • use common sense to find suitable alternative venues: stacked-on-the-worktops is not an acceptable place
  •  re-fill the dishwasher with the mountain of dirty crockery/cutlery  left on the side because the dishwasher wasn’t emptied
  • will perform this task without recourse to moaning, grumbling or go-slow tactics (except in a light-hearted manner intended to cause amusement whilst getting on with it)

The employers of said D.D.O. (hereby known as The Parents) undertake to:

  • allow the D.D.O. to live
  • provide heating, lighting, accommodation,  a share of the household food & drink and other sundries to the D.D.O.

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