Excuses, excuses…

This week I have been mostly playing.

View from our bedroom window

On Wednesday TWH ( The Wonderful Husband) suggested a break away beginning on Saturday. It would have been rude to refuse, wouldn’t it?

Shadow of a palm tree - see, there's sunshine.

I have managed a book review and a short story for a competition on the literary front. I’ve done surprising amounts of exercise, eaten really quite healthily and actually experienced sunshine – in Corsica. There’s been aerobics in the sea, a ride on a catamaran and best of all (so far) a walk to a waterfall and a swim in its plunge pool. It was bliss.

Cool and lovely after a walk.

So I’m sorry there are no writing revelations this week to share with my faithful readers…

A little past Pimms' o'clock...

…unless you can think of something yourselves?


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