ELIZABETH I Ð THE QUEEN OF FASHIONElizabeth I has been magically transported to the 21st Century via a unique art project commissioned by TV channel Yesterday to celebrate its new historical series Secret Life OfÉ. starting on Thursday 2nd May at 9pm. A team of digital artists from the channel spent three months updating a series of classic portraits – working closely with award-winning historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb to ensure the new artworks accurately reflect how the historical figures might look in 2013. Adrian Wills, General Manager of Yesterday commented:ÔSecret Life OfÉ takes a completely new perspective on the lives on some of historyÕs most fascinating and notorious figures. Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, Marie Antoinette and Nelson are among the iconic personalities whose lifestyles and habits are dissected through the eyes of the contemporary, celebrity-obsessed world. These great characters are reimagined with a modern take, showing them in a completely different light – much like the new re-versioned portraits.Õ

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