Seven days, seven feelings

Tracking some of this week’s emotions and their causes.


I  cannot grasp the callous disregard  for the girls abducted in Nigeria. What mentality sees educated girls as a threat – sees books as harmful – and why so little effort to rescue them.



Chika Unigwe posted a picture on Twitter of dolls which are glamorous  and not scary. I have often, like so many people, found many dolls disquieting. Not these beauties.

a slection of black and brown skinned dolls



Surprised and pleased by how much my guests enjoyed their breakfast. [One Joanne Harris – pictured -and one Margaret Atwood Special – pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries]

huevos rancheros


Still not quite sure why the baguette on The Angel of the North annoyed me so much. Interesting debate with Philip Reeve about it. For me, it was a symbol that I loved being spoiled by something I loathe.



This was tinged with a little bafflement and pride that we now have proper gay heraldry. I agree with Frances Hardinge in enjoying  ‘new law being woven properly into the nation’s archaic fabric’ . I love living traditions.


I’ve sent the first rewritten section of Stonespeaker to Nicki Marshall at The Golden Egg Academy. Optimism – and some trepidation- about what she will think of it.


 I got to show-and-tell about yWriter5 – a free piece of writing software I find very useful – to my Chi-SCBWI friends. They loved it. [Do contact me through the comments box if you want a cheat sheet]


I’m supposed to be packing for the SCBWI Retreat as I write. Iam looking forward to seeing my writing pals – including some MA bods. There is still the business of being an old lag and having to say,’ No, no agent yet nor any publishers,’ but once I’ve got over myself, it’ll be grand.

Must dash – may add more images later.


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