A new day, a new dawn

In which I express my bright and shiny gratitude  . . .

Quite simply – thanks.

The generosity of my Beloved Readers and other kind souls has thrilled me. It means that the first printed Tale from The Garret is fully funded.

There are many stages to go through before our dear little booklings go out into the world:

  • editing
  • illustrating
  • liaising with the printers
  • printing
  • signing
  • posting

If you want one, I need your address. Subscribers to this website ( i.e. My Beloved Readers) will shortly receive an email.

If you’re not already subscribed, please do. It’s free and I won’t bother you with anything but stories, reviews and general bloggage. There’s a box on the Home Page to opt in below the Ko-fi and Airbnb widgets.

You are always welcome in The Garret – whether you paid for gallons or one cup of tea, or just want to read.

Thank you.

Photograph by K. M. Lockwood 17th January 2019

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