In comes I , Bold St George


A St. George’s Day celebration in Kent, 2011 via Wikipedia

Tonight we have an English classic: cottage pie. There’s the roast beef of Old England recycled with mash and nice orange carrots and green broccoli. There’s gravy, and my Best Beloved will add to that with Brown Sauce. There will be real English Ale and there has been tea throughout the day, of course.

How very English – but not, I hope, Little Englander.

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The Empire of Custom

 The empire of custom is most mighty.
Publilius Syrus

An Anglo-Saxon Maundy scene: monks washing feet and a king giving alms, from an C11th Psalter (BL Harley 603, f.66v): c/o Eleanor Parker ‏

Probably just as well for Her Majesty  that she doesn’t have to wash the feet of old beggars*. I saw her at York Minster one Maundy Thursday. I was disappointed because Continue reading