How the SCBWI Conference Blew My Mind!

SCBWIcon15_posterFive hows from the 8th Annual Conference of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Winchester, November 2015

How generous people are with supportive remarks

I heard all manner of kind words over the weekend.  The yet-to-be published congratulating others on book deals, praise over portfolios and pirate costumes, and some humbling souls telling me I had made them feel truly welcome.

SCBWIcon15_David_Ficklingfew people more encouraging than David Fickling

How much variety there was for everyone who came

After so many years of attending, I my expectation was to enjoy seeing my friends and may be pick up the odd trifle. I’ve come back with a treasure chest full, far too stuffed to unbox here. I wasn’t alone in taking home plunder – newbies or old hands found plenty to hoard.

SCBWIcon15_treasure3jools, sparkly fings…

How charitable people are

One of my roles was to encourage the buying of emergency eye-patches. At the end of the evening I was thrilled to hand over £120 for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

SCBWICON15-CUTLASSI sued the plastic cutlass encouraging method

How tolerant people can be

I had brought a set of photo cards I’d made with an offer for SCBWI members at my little retreat/B&B at The Witterings. I was rather shy about blatant self-promotion – but people were kind and took them.

2014-08-17 20.34.34at least they make nice book marks

How well worth the effort volunteering is

You get to meet fabulous people, get smiled at a lot and feel you’re giving at least something back to a cause you believe in. As, at heart, quite a shy person, it’s great to have something else to think about than nerves.

SCBWIcon15_posteralso you get cool posters


How heavy that cake is!

I helped get the edifice in the taxi after the Pirate Cruncher had had a go at it.



13 thoughts on “How the SCBWI Conference Blew My Mind!

  1. Brilliant post, with a simple, but fab message. A great place to foster friendship. Let’s not wait a year to see each other! Words and Pictures group need a social! X

  2. You were magnificent as always, Philippa – tirelessly hardworking and always supportive, much love and gratitude to you as ever my dear friend xxx

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