New beginnings – and a competition

I have over the years become conditioned to feel that September, the start of the academic year, is a new beginning. Although now I am a writer not a teacher, I still get a little buzz as Summer segues into Autumn.

All the fun of a fresh start – and compatible with writing, I hope.

This year even more so.

I am starting a whole new writing-related enterprise. We have bought a lovely 1950s house, one road back from the glorious beach here at The Witterings. It’s large and relaxed, and with some adaptation, it will make a superb writers’ retreat.

Just down the road from Jane Rusbridge’s old home.

I believe there is a demand out there for a peaceful place by the sea where you can be spoiled rotten and get on with your writing. A place where you don’t need to worry about meals and laundry and general busy-ness. A place where a refreshing seafront stroll is two minutes away and the loudest thing is the seagull chorus. A place where tea and coffee and cake are always at hand.

Not mine – but you get the idea.

And a jolly sight more personal, friendly and cheaper than a hotel.

But I do have a problem.

It doesn’t have a name. Number 34 Marine Drive doesn’t cut it for me. It doesn’t say ‘here is the perfect seaside venue to complete your masterpiece/write your dissertation/compose the best poems ever’. How about you?

So I am offering a two-nights-for-the-price-of-one deal for the person who comes up with the best name – and a 10% discount for everyone who enters a suggestion. We plan to be up and running by Easter 2014 – and the prize/discount will be valid for a poetical year-and-a-day from our official opening.

To enter:

  • DM @lockwoodwriter on twitter – you’ll need to follow me first if you don’t already OR
  • visit the Ā K.M.Lockwood page on Facebook and leave a message ( it really needs some friends) OR
  • email with your suggestions

I am so looking forward to your suggestions – for names or any other comments.

PLEASE NOTE No-one’s email or anything else will be used by anyone other than me.


The competition will close on the 30th September. There may well have to be a vote-off.


41 thoughts on “New beginnings – and a competition

  1. Two thoughts come to mind – Write ā€˜nā€™ Sea or Seas The Day. Terrible I know, especially the last one. Hetty

  2. What about ” The Whitterings”
    ” Reflections”
    “The Knook”

    I will throw you some more after Ive had a good think.
    Take care and book me a room for folk songs and supper.

  3. Well, since this post is about new beginnings and you mentioned segues, how about using “Segues” somewhere in the name, like “Segues Writer’s Retreat,” “Segues Writer’s House,” “Segues by the Sea” or just “Segues.”

    Congrats on your new venture. Best of luck!

    • Hi Laura – it’s a 1950s house on Marine Drive, West Wittering. We are buying it to refurbish as a retreat for writers, artists, readers – anyone who needs a calm place to work/recuperate in

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  5. Coast
    Sea Ink
    Coast and Flow
    Scriven and Scull
    (For some strange reason) Penman’s Coop
    (just popped into my mind, don’t know where that came from)
    How many are we allowed? I’m enjoying myself and it does seem a lovely place.

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