Not only…but also…

First the not-so-good news

I have been away in Spain this last week. Just before we went, things got very complicated with The House with No Name. I shan’t bore you with the details – but at present it looks exceedingly unlikely that we will own No. 34.


This has been something of a blow.

However I will honour my promise of a 10% discount to all name-that-retreat entrants. You can use it for my B&B or wait till we find another property. The choice is yours.

Now on a lighter note

On the flight home to Gatwick, we crossed the English channel in bright afternoon sunshine. I found it absolutely fascinating to speculate where we were and then spot landmarks. I notched up Beachy Head lighthouse, both Brighton piers ( the old one looks like a very dead spider or a fuzz of tarry string) and Newhaven Wall with pleasurable ease.

But the best of all was Selsey.

The new ‘managed realignment’ sea-defences have now been deliberately breached. The sea is reclaiming the land once drained by rifes (ditches) in the 18th and 19th centuries. A gleaming creek showed Selsey to be almost the island it once was ( Seal’s Isle in Old Norse).

Old Map showing Selsey Bill

For me it was a thrill to see ‘Selchester’ , my imaginary city from the air – well, almost.

Before the flooding

My creative friends – have you ever seen an imaginary location come to life?



New beginnings – and a competition

I have over the years become conditioned to feel that September, the start of the academic year, is a new beginning. Although now I am a writer not a teacher, I still get a little buzz as Summer segues into Autumn.

All the fun of a fresh start – and compatible with writing, I hope.

This year even more so.

I am starting a whole new writing-related enterprise. We have bought a lovely 1950s house, one road back from the glorious beach here at The Witterings. It’s large and relaxed, and with some adaptation, it will make a superb writers’ retreat.

Just down the road from Jane Rusbridge’s old home.

I believe there is a demand out there for a peaceful place by the sea where you can be spoiled rotten and get on with your writing. A place where you don’t need to worry about meals and laundry and general busy-ness. A place where a refreshing seafront stroll is two minutes away and the loudest thing is the seagull chorus. A place where tea and coffee and cake are always at hand.

Not mine – but you get the idea.

And a jolly sight more personal, friendly and cheaper than a hotel.

But I do have a problem.

It doesn’t have a name. Number 34 Marine Drive doesn’t cut it for me. It doesn’t say ‘here is the perfect seaside venue to complete your masterpiece/write your dissertation/compose the best poems ever’. How about you?

So I am offering a two-nights-for-the-price-of-one deal for the person who comes up with the best name – and a 10% discount for everyone who enters a suggestion. We plan to be up and running by Easter 2014 – and the prize/discount will be valid for a poetical year-and-a-day from our official opening.

To enter:

  • DM @lockwoodwriter on twitter – you’ll need to follow me first if you don’t already OR
  • visit the ┬áK.M.Lockwood page on Facebook and leave a message ( it really needs some friends) OR
  • email with your suggestions

I am so looking forward to your suggestions – for names or any other comments.

PLEASE NOTE No-one’s email or anything else will be used by anyone other than me.


The competition will close on the 30th September. There may well have to be a vote-off.