‘Psst – wanna do something illegal?’

Truth told, Kathy Evans didn’t quite put it like that – but I did get the chance to go with her to the launch of Miriam Halahmy‘s ‘Illegal’ at Blackwell’s Bookshop, Portsmouth University . She mentioned it on Facebook and I blagged a lift – she is a delightful chauffeuse, I have to say (or I might have to go in the boot in future.)

As a writer, you don’t tend to get out a lot. It’s a solitary business – so a bit of human contact is good. Not only that but the outside world provides its own stimulus. Even a change of scenery can prompt better writing – and going anywhere near a place of learning – well…

There is more. I was glad to see Anita Loughrey and Amanda Lillywhite there – more SCBWI pals. Regular readers will know how much I value the fellowship that SCBWI offers. Not only do they understand the obsession you have, they share it too  – and encourage you in your lunacy. That’s some support network.

I hope Miriam felt suitably encouraged.

It isn’t just about the friendships, though. There is also a good chance of meeting agents and publishers at launches. You might build up other contacts such as publicists – and it does no harm to be seen.

However, it was when Miriam read the beginning of ‘Illegal’ that I found the most personal reason to be there. People from a fair old variety of decades and types stood and listened. They went  into that little world that Miriam had squashed inside the pages of her book. It wasn’t a world that I could make. It wasn’t marketed at the readers I write for – but the story still existed. And that’s what mattered to me – one day it could be me. People might want to enter my little worlds.

I need that hope to hang on to.

Thank you, Miriam and Kathy.

6 thoughts on “‘Psst – wanna do something illegal?’

  1. Great piece Philippa…….reinforced for me why I volunteer at the library in Paris…..I love to read their newsletters with details of all the new books which I then can’t wait to get my hands on! Meeting other volunteers who are also ” into books”, gives me a real buzz and each month there is a featurd author evening so you get to meet some very interesting writers. Google American Library in Paris for more information.
    I especially love the line under your name….a voyage on the sea of writing…..I will look forward to seeing your name on a book jacket one day soon!! Keep up the great work.
    By the way we are relocating to Melbourne early in April…….the contract is finished in Paris…:( We will miss being in this part of the world.
    However, we are looking forward to being closer to our family…..our granddaughter is now 7, and she loves books too!

    • Good to hear from you, Christine. I hope you have a great stay in Melbourne – and I enjoyed reading your comments on Paris here and on FB.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Good to see you too Philippa. I felt a bit emotional during the reading – immediately drawn into the story and already concerned about Lindy. Hope to catch up with you at future Scoobie events, I too have benefitted from this support network.

    • I think you’re going to enjoy the book then, Amanda.
      I always like meeting Scoobies in the flesh – hope to see you again.
      Thanks for the comment.

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