The more, the merrier

Little girl reading a book in a burned-out forest by simpleinsomnia on Flickr

To be utterly straightforward, I want more readers. I want more readers for my stories – as well as the articles I usually post on here. So I shall lay out a small piece once a week and see what you make of it. There are three sorts of reasons for asking this:


  • your imagination will make my little worlds exist
  • your effort in reading them will breathe life into the people there
  • my tales will then exist in the space between us
 The Seed of Imagination by Qinni on DeviantArt

The Seed of Imagination
by Qinni on DeviantArt


  • you will see what I need to develop
  • you can hear where my storytelling is working
  • you can point out my errors so that I can improve



  • Why would you embark on my longer work if you don’t know what my style is like?
  • Why would you recommend my work to anyone else (other than kindness) ?
  • How could you trust my help unless you knew I had something to offer?

helping hand 2

So thank you if you responded to my Twitter poll or commented on Facebook – you’ve helped me feel brave enough to try this experiment.

By William Hogarth -, Public Domain,

The Distrest Poet by William Hogarth –, Public Domain,

Come into #TheGarret – there’s plenty of room for all.

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