What I did on my weekend

I have:

  1. critiqued three other writers on Friday evening and listened to their comments on my work ( the embroidery scene in Municipal Moon)
  2. learned about incorporating magical elements in junior fiction on Saturday morning with Linda Chapman
  3. interrogated an industry panel about the future of children’s books after coffee
  4. had steam coming out of my ears about gender stereotyping
  5. had a one to one with Rebecca Hill of Usborne Young Fiction at lunchtime (she would like to see a reworked 13th Pharaoh)
  6. considered a sense of place with Marcus Sedgwick ( and got him to sign my book)
  7. worn a tiara for the 10th anniversary party on Saturday night/Sunday morning
  8. stayed up too late
  9. honed a pitch for The 13th Pharaoh and tried it out on Jasmine Richards of OUP on Sunday morning
  10. tried to get my head around the use of social networking for writers
  11. read out my there-and-then attempts  in a workshop on character using dialogue, mini pen portraits and confrontation, with Miriam Halahmy after lunch
  12. sold an awful lot of badges
  13. laughed a lot
  14. chatted even more
  15. cried ’cause I had to come home

That’ s the Winchester SCBWI conference for you.

6 thoughts on “What I did on my weekend

    • If you’re going to do something, do it to excess, that’s what I say!
      Thanks for commenting, Candy.
      (Crumbs – you’ve seen how awful my website is! ) <—— hides head in shame.

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