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After my break in Portugal, I’ve come up with an idea. I love to read. I love to review. I love my fellow writers.¬† But until now, my reading journal has been a secret pleasure . . .

Frequent readers will know I started public reviewing for Viv Dacosta’s Serendipity Reviews – which reaches a wide audience. There is no shortage of excellent bloggers and vloggers for both young readers and their families.

But what about writers and editors – especially those in the world of children’s books?

I read this fascinating book as part of the brilliant and challenging Editors’ Course from The Golden Egg Academy. It’s the sort you go back to again and again. But it doesn’t look at books written for younger, less experienced readers.

So in my own exploratory way, I am going to review as I do in my book journal:

  • I will look at what works in the books I read.
  • Which techniques I can identify and use.
  • In short – what can I steal!

There will be spoilers. The reviews will not be for children – though younger readers and their comments would be welcome. So I won’t tag them with¬† #ReviewMonday – but with #WritersReviews.

I hope you enjoy my magpie imitation.




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