Time out

Today, I went overseas – well, the Isle of Wight, actually. I have an arrangement with my husband when visiting clients in interesting places that I go too. I treat these jollies as kinds of ‘Artist’s Date’ to use Julia Cameron‘s term.

It’s good to have a breather – a change of scene can lead to a different perspective. Followers of this blog will know I’ve been struggling with major revision of my Work in Progress – so when this trip was suggested, I leapt at it. Then I cracked it – I plumped for what I wanted to do and edited merrily away. By today I had a good fifth of the WiP sorted.

So then I had some choosing to do:

  • stay at home and edit – and risk annoying very supportive Better Half
  • go – and resent the time not spent editing when on a roll
  • go – and embrace the little adventure
No contest. Making the best of it seemed the wisest move.
It had to be said I am no further on with my gutting and filleting – my WiP remains as it was with 80% wanting revision. I have gained the following:
  • the restorative effect of fresh air, sunshine and sea air
  • a chance to observe ferry port banter
  • some choice turns of phrase
  • details of an appealing setting I could use
  • intriguing anecdotes which lead to possible story development
Not bad for something I hummed and hawed about. I think this might a good approach to Christmas, don’t you?