Five things that make me angry

from MorgueFile

I wrote this thinking of Michael Morpurgo’s splendid indignation in the Richard Dimbleby Lecture on the BBC. I doubt he will mind me re-iterating a few of his points.

So here are some things that make me want to drive the moneylenders out of the temple.

1. Disrespect of our planet

  • plastic bags in tree tops, in turtle’s stomachs – litter anywhere – ‘someone else will clear it up’
  • tampon parts on the beach – the sea doesn’t matter – out of sight, out of mind
  • sofas dumped in woodlands – can’t be bothered to recycle

2. Disrespect of teachers

  • I needed my identity confirmed.
  • The form said my documents could be countersigned by  a variety of professionals including JPs, doctors and estate agents.
  • Teachers were not mentioned – they are lower than estate agents, apparently.

3. Disrespect of others

  • effing and blinding on the bus
  • old ‘dears’ on mobility scooters pushing past teenagers who were minding their own business 
  • people shouting abuse into mobiles

4. Disrespect of opinions

  • adversarial politics where point-scoring matters so no-one listens
  • management where domination matters so no-one listens
  • bureaucracy where creeping up through the system matters and no-one listens

5. Disrespect of children

  • cutting back libraries and school music and school trips and visitors to schools and teachers and books
  • promoting  celebrity culture and junk food and consumerism and promiscuity
  • testing them to distraction so they close up with fear

What really enrages you?